Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)
Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)
Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)
Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)

Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)

'Technology won't replace vets....but vets who use technology logically and carefully will replace those who don't'

(Prof. dr. D.C. Knottebelt, 2017)


EGAS Course: 

Quantitative gait analysis on the highest level.

Universiteit Utrecht
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This post-graduate course for equine veterinarians approaches all aspects related to the clinical application of quantitative gait analysis in horses.

Program outline:

During our program, you will learn, both in theory and in practice, all aspects around the clinical application of quantitative gait analysis. The program is lectured by academic and clinical experts from around the world, and is based on evidence-based content

The program is composed of 5 modules of 2 days each, which you will need to attend live. All modules will take place in Europe. In between, you continue to study in your e-learning environment, in which you can find all course material, extra in-depth material, scientific papers to be studied for the examination, interesting links and an online community to ask questions and discuss cases with your colleagues.

Investment of additional time will be necessary for the preparation of the theoretical tests as well as for the final examination.

After this course, you:

  • are familiar with all available validated veterinary gait analysis methods and equipment
  • have had the opportunity to work extensively with all validated gait analysis  equipment
  • have knowledge of all necessary backgrounds concerning biomechanics and physics around quantitative gait analysis technology
  • are able to collect/can delegate your technicians to collect high-quality data
  • are able to do evidence-based data interpretation of your own and/or someone else's data
  • have a broad network of equine orthopaedic veterinarians working with equine gait analysis in a clinical setting
  • remain a member of the Equine Gait Analysis Society, enabling  you to discuss cases with colleagues and receive the latest news around equine quantitative gait analysis, both scientific and clinical

The EGAS Course is happily sponsored by validated veterinary equipment:

Sleip - Equine Gait Analysis Society
Qualisys Motion Capture Systems - Equine Gait Analysis Society

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Agenda 2024:

Module I  - Utrecht University (NL) - 09-10 February 2024
History, basics of equine gait analysis, biomechanics of sound horses

Module II Tierklinik Lüsche (DE) - 12-13 April 2024
Camera, sensor, and AI technology, high-quality data collection, biomechanics of lame horses

Module IIISporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre (NL) - 14-15 June 2024
Quantitative gait analysis on the lunge, diagnostic analgesia, flexion tests, spinal kinematics

Module IVDierenkliniek Bosdreef (BE) - 4-5 October 2024
Multi limb lameness, quantitative gait analysis during PPE's, longitudinal monitoring and rehabilitation

Module VUtrecht University (NL) - 15-17 November 2024
Annual event, 
Quantitative gait analysis under tack, integration of knowledge


Agenda 2024 - EGAS Continuous Education:

EGAS Webinar - Case presentations - online - 5 July 2024
Present your own case, discuss with the EGAS community

Annual eventUtrecht University (NL) - 15 November 2024
Updates from around the globe, lectures and demonstrations 
by world-renowned experts in the field of quantitative gait analysis


All speakers are eager to share their knowledge with you!


€6500 ex. VAT. This includes:

  • 5 modules of 2 days, on several elite clinics and universities in Europe
  • Catering during all modules
  • Social program during all modules
  • E-learning environment during one year
  • Participation in all theoretical tests
  • One-off participation in the final examination
  • Possibility to become an EGAS member


EGAS: EGAS certification
The Netherlands (PE Veterinair): 70 CS
Germany (ATF-Anerkennung): 58 Stunden
Europe (ECTS): 7 points

EGAS Course Organisation:

The Equine Gait Analysis Society and its course is a shared idea of dr. Filipe Serra Braganca and dr. Aagje Hardeman

'We both did our PhD on the clinical application of equine gait analysis and noticed the enormous gap between science and clinician in this field. Knowledge was not readable or clinically useful for orthopaedic vets, neither was it organised in a structured matter.

This project is our joined dream. We will make  all scientic knowledge understandable and useful for clinicians in such way that quantitative gait analysis will bring equine orthopaedics to a higher level!'

Aagje Hardeman en Filipe Serra Braganca - Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)

Equine Gait Analysis Society:

The Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS) was established in 2022 to fill the gap between science and clinician in equine clinical gait analysis.

Our community shares the latest knowledge in equine biomechanics and clinical gait analysis, supporting evidence-based veterinary medicine for the equine clinician.