Quantification and optimisation of equine locomotion is the main goal at DataHorse.

Whether it is about a chiropractic treatment of your sports horse, or the integration of advanced gait analysis technology within your equine clinic, we are there to help you!

Horse owner or rider?

With the unique combination of expertise of objective gait analysis, veterinary medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, dry needling, and medical taping, I optimise equine locomotion and thereby performance.

Whether it is a regular preventive check or complaints concerning the biomechanical functioning of your horse, each horse deserves a well-thought treatment and a personal training plan.

Equine veterinarian?

With a clinical and scientific background of subjective (visual) and objective gait analysis, I support veterinarians in their decision on investing in an appropriate system for quantitative gait analysis, suitable for their clinic or practice.

Furthermore, I offer instant support in data interpretation - live and by telemedicine - and I educate teams of veterinarians and technicians on how to integrate gait analysis technology correctly within their daily routines.