Objectieve Bewegingsanalyse

Objective gait analysis

  • Evidence-based data interpretation
  • Practical training
  • Consultancy
  • Integration in your clinic or practice
  • Education

'Technology won't replace vets....but vets who use technology logically and carefully will replace those who don't'

(Prof. dr. D.C. Knottebelt, 2017)

What is objective gait analysis?

Objective (or quantitative) gait analysis measures locomotion with certain technology. This can be done by quantification of forces (kinetics) or motion (kinematics)

Which systems are currently available for daily clinical use?

The amount of commerically available devices to quantify locomotion in horses increased at a tremendous pace. Be very critical when purchasing a system; is this system validated, which parameters are measured and what is the (biological) relevance of those parameters?

At the moment, there are six systems available which are suitable for daily clinical use by equine veterinarians:

Which system is suitable for me?

There are several key factors to consider which systems fits best within your practice/clinic, like:

  • Should the system be suitable for ambulatory or stationary use? or both?
  • If stationary, what does the available accomodation look like?
  • For which orthopedic evaluations do you want to use it? Think for example of lameness examinations, pre purchase examinations, regular (preventive) monitoring, evaluation under tack or assessment of spinal motion in case of neck, back or pelvic complaints. 
  • How many veterinarians (and technicians) are going to work with the system?
  • Do you want to measure multiple horses at the same time?
  • Do you want (automatically synchronised) video recordings of your measurements?
  • What is your budget?

What should I invest in?

First of all, in an accurate system, suitable for the (future) situation of your practice or clinic. As important is investing in time and knowledge to:

  • achieve correct and high-quality data collection. 
    'analysis of poorly collected data is like interpretation of unsharp MRI images'​​​​​​​
  • guarantee evidence-based data interpretation. High level education for your own staff or outsourcing the interpretation by telemedicine are possibilities.
    'high level expertise of both subjective and objective orthopedic evaluations is necessary to correctly interpret your data'
  • correctly communicate with all those involved.
    'when performed correctly, this technology has an exentsive added value in the communication with colleagues, referring veterinarians, customers, insurance companies or in legal cases'
  • continued education. Developments around gait analysis technology for horses is evolving at a tremendous pace, which makes knowledge become out of data quickly.
    'knowlege of the biomechanical backgrounds and scientific developments around the (interpretation of) quantitative gait analsis is essential to correctly use this technology'

What can DataHorse do for me?

DataHorse enables the correct and efficient use of quantitative gait analysis for every equine practice or clinic. What can you expect from us:

  • advice on purchasing the correct system for your personal situation
  • efficient integration of this technology within your daily routines
  • practical training of veterinarians and technicians on how to correctly collect data
  • evidence-based data interpretation (intstant support) by telemedicine
  • education in data interpretation, based on clinical expertise and the current scientific literature
    • starting course (< 25 cases of clinical experience with gait analysis)
    • advanced course
  • workshops, clinics, lectures for your team, organisation or clients 

'Quantitative gait analysis is evidence-based veterinary medicine'