F.M. (Filipe) Serra Bragança


Filipe Manuel Serra Bragança was born in 1988 in Portugal. He graduated in 2013, from the Veterinary University of Lisbon. After graduation, he performed his internship at an equine practice in the UK.

In 2014 he started his PhD at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) performing research in biomechanics and equine locomotion, focusing on objective gait analysis. The main goal of his PhD was the further development and clinical implementation of techniques of objective gait analysis and lameness assessment in the horse based on motion-capture and IMU-sensor technology.

Currently he is leading the locomotion reseach team at Utrecht University together with René van Weeren. Current projects: further development of a sensor-based system for gait and performance analysis ‘EquiMoves’, objective assessment of horses with back pain, genetics of gait, development of gait analysis modalities for different gaits (inclining the gaits of the Icelandic horse), integration and standardization of surface EMG in horses and usage of machine learning techniques to study locomotion.

F.M. (Filipe) Serra Bragança -  EGAS Course