C. (Christoffer) Roepstorff

MSc, PhD

In 2014, during his master thesis at Uppsala University, Sweden, Christoffer started working with the kinematics of lameness in horses. The thesis led directly to his employment at Qualisys AB, Gothenburg, Sweden, as Product Owner and Business Development Director for Equine Solutions. There, he developed software for quantifying kinematic asymmetries in horses using marker based optical motion capture, geared towards clinical use.

In 2018 Christoffer started his PhD at the Equine Sports Medicine Unit, University of Zürich, Switzerland. These postgraduate studies mainly focused on the connection between vertical ground reaction forces and vertical movement asymmetries in horses with weight-bearing lameness.

In 2022, Christoffer was employed by Sleip AI AB, Stockholm, Sweden, as Engineering and Biomechanics Researcher. At Sleip, computer vision technologies and machine learning are utilized to bring objective lameness assessment of horses to the mobile phone platform. Through his experience Christoffer has grown a deep interest and expertise in digital signal processing, gait analysis, and objective lameness assessment for clinical applications. 

C. (Christoffer) Roepstorff - EGAS Course