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The Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)

The Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS)

Equine gait analysis technology has hardly influenced clinical practice over the past thirty years because it was lab-bound and there were too many practical constraints for its application in daily practice. Only recently, it became widely available for clinicians.

Nevertheless, even if the technological hurdles have been overcome, the gap between scientific research and the equine practitioner in the field is currently still very wide. This is largely due to a lack of familiarity with, and deeper understanding of the essence of the technology, and the basic principles of equine biomechanics and locomotion. This gap must be narrowed to come to a proper use of this extremely useful technology in daily clinical practice and a wider embracement of it by the community of equine veterinarians, to be followed by other professionals evaluating equine locomotion and performance.

The wish to narrow this gap was the incentive for the establishment of the Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS) in 2022. The aim is to connect clinicians to this technology and its possibilities, thereby bringing equine orthopaedics to a higher level.

Furthermore, quantitative gait analysis contributes to a much-desired shift of curative to preventive medicine within equine orthopaedics, as the technology enables veterinarians to detect small asymmetries in an early stage. Prevention through early signalling of potential problems should be the main goal of modern equine sports medicine. Introduction and better understanding of the gait analysis technology also contributes to the education of veterinarians in the area of biomechanics - and thereby lameness - in a structured and evidence-based manner. This may inspire veterinarians to use this objective technology to improve their skills and consequently improve equine performance and welfare.

That last issue is frequently discussed and increasingly important in the current era, which is coincidently and fortunately also the era in which the use of routine equine quantitative gait analysis is gaining ground at a tremendous pace.

  • Are you an orthopaedic veterinarian, highly interested in investing in equipment to be able to perform objective gait analysis in horses?
  • Do you already have a system to measure asymmetries, but you struggle with the data interpretation?
  • You just heard about measuring lameness in horses, but you don’t know how it works exactly?

>>>> Then the EGAS Course is perfect for you! <<<<

During 5 modules on several elite clinics and universities in Europe, you will learn everything you need to know to perform evidence-based gait analysis on the highest level. Not only during lameness evaluations, the interpretation of diagnostic analgesia or flexion tests, but also about all possibilities of using it during pre-purchase examinations, longitudinal monitoring of sports horses or evaluation under tack.

Become a certified expert in quantitative gait analysis in one year, stay part of the Equine Gait Analysis Society and join its network to maintain your knowledge on the highest level!