Orthobiologics for the equine athlete

Joop Loomans 
DVM PhD MBA, managing director of the Equine High-Performance Sports Group and program coordinator of the Equine Regenerative and Orthobiologics Summit online

Orthobiologics are rapidly changing the way care is being delivered to human, canine, and equine athletes.

Equine veterinarians are often too busy to sort through the current and sometimes conflicting research and clinical applications on these topics let alone engage in discussions with colleagues and hear the perspectives of human physicians and researchers. For both human and veterinary professionals, the development of various orthobiologic devices and products from different sources and both of allogeneic and autologous origin is interesting and challenging. What equine veterinarians need is (scientific) backup to make informed decisions and support to make sure they are adhering to local regulatory issues.

The Equine Regenerative Medicine and Orthobiologics Online Summit is dedicated to helping attendees make informed decisions based upon the most current research and clinical experiences in these fields using a standardized evaluation process. The wide scope of topics offered is done by partnering with international groups and associations focused on these subjects.

Every year in the month of October we have 2,5-hour sessions on Monday and Tuesday. The live sessions are open for questions in a moderated discussion afterwards. We have all the presentations and discussions available after the live presentations for on demand (re)view for one year. A video library of all sessions since 2020 is available for members of the Equine High-Performance Sports Group.


This year we have over 40 international thought leaders from human, canine, and equine medicine available to help you to become better informed and make the best possible decision for the treatment of the athletes under your care. 

Main topics for our 2022 Orthobiologics Summit Online are:

  • Oct. 3rd         General Considerations for using Orthobiologics
  • Oct 4th          Treatment of the Cervical Spine with Orthobiologics
  • Oct 10th        What are Exosomes and what can we expect?
  • Oct 11th        Updates on treatment of Osteoarthritis
  • Oct 12th        Use of othobiologics for shoulder injuries in the canine, equine, and human athletes
  • Oct 17th        Amnion products: what’s out there and how do we choose?
  • Oct 18th        Novel applications of regenerative therapies
  • Oct 24th        (Re)injury prevention
  • Oct 25th        Most recent developments in fitness management of Sport Horses

When you work with human, canine or equine athletes this is the one and only Translational Medicine Summit that helps you and your athletes move forward by providing you the right network, knowledge and opportunities to ask questions.

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We are looking forward meeting you there!